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Ex Thesauro Universitatis – From the University’s treasury

Exhibition: 12 April - 31 August 2013

In 1932 Jan Władziński donated his 4000-item collection to the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. In 1938 Prof. Kazimierz Michałowski followed his example by donating antiquities to the collection. Unfortunately this collection fell prey to the Gestapo in December 1939 and has been lost ever since.

The museal tradition however had been deeply rooted in the university by that time. After the World War collecting resumed and in 60 years the university managed to assemble some 1700 objects.

Among the objects exhibited are some interesting Netherlandish examples, for example paintings from the circle of Juan de Flandes and David Teniers II, and also works by Marten van Valckenborch, Hendrick Verschuring and Jan Molenaer II.

Curator of the university collection

Krzysztof Przylicki