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Facts & Feelings: Documentary Evidence on Emotions of Artists in the Early Modern Period, 1600-1800

Symposium: 12 December - 13 December 2012

Information from the organizers, 30 October 2012

The symposium aims to bring together national and international researchers in various historical disicplines to focus on a rare type of source material, namely documents that help to clarify the emotions of early modern artists from (primarily) the Low Countries (1580-1800). These sources are hard to find, but they are key to illuminating artists’ private concerns and the interpersonal relationships that existed within early modern artistic communities.

By combining archival research with the growing field of study of early modern emotions, this symposium seeks to play a pioneering role in focusing on the emotional lives of artists. The presence of leading international authorities in the study of the history of emotions underscores the link between this art-historical symposium and what is still a relatively new research field. A cross-disciplinary approach of this kind, with methodological discussions on the use of personal archival documents and the study of the social and emotional self, will undoubtedly open up new avenues of research as well as providing fresh insights into the emotions depicted by early modern artists.

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