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Gekoesterde schoonheid: kunst uit Brabants privébezit

Cherished beauty: art in private ownership in Brabant Exhibition: 22 May - 29 August 2010

Information from the museum, 10 March 2010

Cherished Beauty

Few people are aware that important private art collections exist in North Brabant. Collections that belong to persons with a passionate love of fine art and the desire and the means to surround themselves with beauty. For the outside world these art treasures remain hidden. They are cherished within the family circle. But which works of art are so cherished? Which beauty is behind those closed doors?

In the exhibition Gekoesterde schoonheid art collectors share their passion with the public. Approximately one hundred works of art from drawing rooms all over Brabant are exhibited in the Noordbrabants Museum. A unique event. These works have never been presented together before.

From Rubens to Picasso

Gekoesterde schoonheid displays a number of unusually fine pieces.From famous masters of the Dutch Golden Age to contemporary art with international allure. Amongst others, are works by Rubens, Ruisdael, Coorte, Steen, Van Spaendonck, Van Gogh, Breitner, Modigliani, Delaunay, Appel en De Kooning. There are also objects and sculptures from great names such as Picasso en Zadkine. Many of these works have never been exhibited for the public.

Brabant’s ownership

The Noordbrabants Museum has built up good relations with various collectors during the last few decades, and has been pleasantly surprised by the high quality of fine art ownership. A few private collectors have extremely large collections, many others have smaller but very high quality collections. The works of art are chosen with love and reflect the personal tastes of their owner.

Special publication

To mark the exhibition a richly illustrated catalogue of Brabant’s private art ownership has been published, available in the museum shop. Price:€ 27.50.