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Geschiedenis in beeld [Het Atlas van Frederik Muller]

History in the picture [The Frederik Muller Atlas of history prints] Exhibition: 8 July - 15 October 2000

Three exhibitions on atlases of history prints, co-ordinated by the Rijksmuseum, the Dordrechts Museum and the Historisch Museum Rotterdam. A single catalogue covers all three exhibitions.


Geschiedenis in beeld 1550-2000
J. Beijerman-Schols, J.F. Heijbroek, E.M.L. van der Maas, J.C. Nix and E.F. van der Wolde
Catalogue of three exhibitions held in 2000 in Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum), Dordrecht (Dordrechts Museum and Rotterdam (Historisch Museum Rotterdam)
296 pp., 32 cm.
Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum) and Zwolle (Waanders) 2000
ISBN 90-400-9466-7 (paperbound)

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