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Ghent Altarpiece International Study Day

Exhibition: 10 September 2014

Information from the organizers

The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK/IRPA) and the University of Ghent (UGent) are honoured to announce the Ghent Altarpiece International Study Day that will take place in Ghent on 10 September 2014. This is one day before the renowned Symposium XIX for the Study of Underdrawing and Technology in Painting in Bruges (11-13 September 2014).

The day is intended for art-historians, curators, conservators, scientists and other scholars studying Early Netherlandish painting.

In the morning session, six conferences will present a wide range of aspects of the current research and conservation/restoration treatment on the Ghent Altarpiece. In the afternoon, you will be enabled to witness, from behind a window, the progress of the treatment in the Museum of Fine Arts of Ghent, and to informally meet with the members of the treatment and research teams. You are also invited to visit St Bavo’s Cathedral and the two exhibitions on the Ghent Altarpiece in the Caermersklooster.

The program of the Study Day on line and registration is now open. Please register as soon as possible, because the number of seats is limited.

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Organizing Committee: Till-Holger Borchert (Groeningemuseum), Annick Born (UGent), Christina Ceulemans (KIK/IRPA), Bart Fransen (KIK/IRPA), Maximiliaan Martens (UGent), Ron Spronk (Queen’s University, Canada-Radboud University, Holland), Cyriel Stroo (KIK/IRPA), Anne van Grevenstein (St Bavo Cathedral).