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Glanz und Grösse des Mittelalters: Kölner Meisterwerke aus den grossen Sammlungen der Welt

Splendour and Glory of the Middle Ages: Cologne masterpieces from the world's great collections Exhibition: 4 November - 26 February 2011

In its heyday from 1000 to 1550, Cologne was one of Europe’s leading art centres. This special exhibition charts the development of over 500 years of medieval art in Cologne with masterpieces from the world’s great collections. In the Middle Ages, Cologne was one of the largest cities in Europe, influential and widely connected, a pulsating pilgrimage and trade centre. This is also reflected in its art: through exchanges with Paris, Prague, the Netherlands and Italy, its resident masters developed an artistic language typical for Cologne.

Prestigious Art Centre – Superlative Loans

Today, highly valued works of medieval art from Cologne are scattered throughout the great collections of the world, where they are considered to be precious treasures. The exhibition will bring around 160 superlative loans from international museums back to Cologne – but only for a short while. Some of these superb works from Berlin, Nuremburg, London, Paris, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles have not been seen in Cologne for centuries.

The exhibition presents 500 years of Cologne art spanning from the Romanesque and Gothic periods to the Early Renaissance. On exhibit will be precious ivory carvings and goldsmiths’ works, refined book illuminations and panel paintings, fine textiles, magnificent pieces of stained glass as well as masterly wood carvings. In addition, the most important aspects of Cologne’s artistic work will be presented to further a deeper understanding.

Extensive Exhibition Catalogue

A richly illustrated catalogue will be published for the exhibition with articles featuring the latest in scholarly research. The special exhibition will help shed new light on Cologne’s “Splendour and Glory”, also from an academic standpoint.