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Going Dutch: what the Dutch did for European art. Perspectives on art history from the late medieval to the contemporary

symposium: 3 October 2003

University information

The Graduate School for Humanities, The School for Art and Culture, The Department of Art History, Universiteit van Amsterdam present:

Inaugural symposium

MA Programme Dutch Art in European Context-
A symposium and special canal boat excursion open to all.

In celebrating the start of the MA Programme Dutch art in European context at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, this symposium will address questions concerning the concept of “Dutch” art in general and consider new opportunities for further research as they are to be explored in the programme’s distinctly “European” approach to the study of art produced in the Netherlands.

Date and time

Friday, 3 October 2003, 13:00 – 17:30

13:00 Opening, Drs. Thomas Belyea (Associate Programme Coordinator of the MA programme)
Italian inspiration and Dutch identity from Van Eyck to Koch, Prof. Bram Kempers (Department Cultural History of Europe, UvA)
Who loves Dutch art and why? Dr. Ellinoor Bergvelt (Programme Director of the MA)
“Dutch” Art in the Middle Ages – a contradiction in terms? Prof. Claudine Chavannes-Mazel (Art History Department, UvA)
17th-century art matters, Prof. Mariët Westermann (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University)
Intermission (20 minutes)
15:00 Thoré-Bürger and his collection, Dr. Frances Jowell (London)
Dutch Art in the 20th and 21st century: From anachronism to topicality, Drs. Margriet Schavemaker (Art History Department, UvA)

Dutch art on the canals of Amsterdam, Dr. Ben Rebel (Art History Department, UvA)

16:15 Special canal boat excursion: Amsterdam’s art history through the eyes of the architectural historian, Dr. Ben Rebel