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Grafiki Rembrandta: oryginał, kopia, późne odbitki

Rembrandt prints: original, copy, late impressions Exhibition: 5 April - 7 June 2009

Information from the museum, 3 April 2009

Editions of prints from Rembrandt’s plates were made not only in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries but appear also in the contemporary time. Until today, the status of impressions made from Rembrandt’s original plates after the artist’s death remains unclear. A question arises, then, whether we continue to deal with the original work or whether completely new categories are necessary to define this phenomenon. The problems of the original, copy and later (posthumous) editions are the subject of the most fundament studies carried out over the last few decades by eminent scholars all over the world, e.g. in the Netherlands, UK, US, Germany, and Poland. Results of scholarly research conducted in the National Museum in Poznań will be presented during the exhibition organised by the Poznań Museum. We sincerely hope that this exhibition will offer you a unique journey of discovery into the intriguing world of Master Rembrandt van Rijn’s prints.


Grafiki Rembrandta. Oryginał. Kopia. Późne odbitki (Rembrandt Prints. Original. Copy. Late impressions)
Grażyna Hałasa, with contributions by Paweł Ignaczak
Catalogue of an exhibition held in 2009 in Poznan
275 pp., 27.5 x 23.0 cm., in Polish, includes a CD-rom with the English version of the catalogue
Poznan 2009
ISBN-13: 978-83-89053-77-0

Information received from the museum about the publication

The catalogue comprises a detailed state of research of several impressions from Rembrandt’s plates and copies belonging to the Muzeum Narodowe in Poznań (74 items), supplemented by a selection of over 30 works from other Polish holdings. Besides the description of each object, that involve the iconography with slightly changed ideas in several examples, and evaluation and dating of each impression, it also offers the information about other impressions of a given print existing in Polish collections. Each entry is accompanied by full-size illustrations in color. In many cases, close-ups of selected fragments (comparisons including) are given. The whole provides a comprehensive contribution to the discussion about the original and posthumous impression as well as copies but does not yet solve the problem on the level of a philosophical reflection.


– Colour illustrations to each entry in full-size, many comparisons and close-up images of important fragments from the presented works.
– List of watermarks (illustrated)
– List of collectin’s marks (illustrated)
– List of Poznań objects with short description and dating
– List of owners of plates (after Erik Hinterding’s publication of 1993, The history of Rembrandt’s plates with a Catalogue of those that Survive with permission by the author and Simiolus. Netherlands Quarterly)
– English translations in the book: catalogue entries with evaluation and dating each presenting the impression and an analysis of the watermarks if present.
– English version on CD-ROM (available from 20 May 2009). It comprises nearly the whole publication with all the illustrations.

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