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Grensoverschrijdende inspiratie: Nederlandse kunst in Europees perspectief in de negentiende eeuw

Inspiration across the border: Dutch art in a nineteenth-century European perspective. Symposium: 2 December 2011

The nineteenth century the century of nationalism? We are now more and
more conscious of the impact that the nineteenth-century rhetoric of
nationalism has had on art historical discourse in the Netherlands, and
even still has. This provokes new questions: to what extend have our
views been distorted by this nineteenth-century idea of nationalism?
Which artist have fallen into oblivion because of it? How did people
from other countries esteem Dutch art in the nineteenth century? And
how did Dutch artists look abroad? What was the importance of
international artistic exchanges in the ‘age of nationalism’? In brief,
how valid is this idea of nationalism in art really?

Because it is about time to think more elaborately about these
questions Sara Tas, Eveline Deneer and Manon van der Mullen, three
young Dutch art historians, organize in cooperation with the RKD a
one-day conference about the artistic relations between the Netherlands
and the rest of Europe in the nineteenth century. Students, recent
graduates and other interested people are invited to exchange ideas on
this theme with experts in the field.

During the lectures art historians, most of them recent graduates will
present the results of their master research, in which Dutch art or
artists have been placed in a French, German, Spanish or Scottish
perspective. During the conclusions of the sessions by their chairmen
and during the subsequent panel discussion, prominent specialists will
reflect upon the current state of affairs and will attempt to formulate
a direction for the future.

Most of the lectures and discussions will be in Dutch.

Participation to the conference costs €15,- (reduced student fee €
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9.30h – 10.10h: registration

10.10h – 10.30h: Introduction by dr. Annemieke Hoogenboom (Utrecht

First session chaired by prof. dr. Frans Grijzenhout (University of
Amsterdam – UvA)

10.30h – 11.00h: Retour de Paris. Artistic exchanges between the
Netherlands and France in the nineteenth century
– Mr. drs. Mayken
Jonkman (curator nineteenth-century Dutch and Belgian art, RKD)

11.00h – 11.30h: ‘Le système […] que j’ai emprunté aux Hollandais’.
Dutch seventeenth-century art and the Style Troubadour in France, 1790
– 1830
– Eveline Deneer MA

11.30h – 12.00h: The Haanen family as a case study into the material
and immaterial exchange in the visual arts between the Netherlands and the German-speaking world (1830-1860)
– Manon van der Mullen MA

12.00h – 12.15h: Short discussion

12.15h – 13.30h: Lunch

Second session chaired by prof. dr. Wessel Krul (University of

13.30h – 14.00h: The Musée du Luxembourg and the nineteenth-century
French regard towards Dutch contemporary art
– Sara Tas MA

14.00h – 14.30h: Picturesque Spain: The journeys of Dutch artists to
Spain at the end of the nineteenth century
– Renske Suijver MA (Van
Gogh Museum)

14.30h – 15.00h: Moderate modernity: the collecting of The Hague School
by the Scots in the late Nineteenth Century
– Alba Campo Rosillo MA

15.00h – 15.15h: Short discussion

15.15u – 15.45u: Coffee/tea break

15.45u – 16.30u: Panel discussion moderated by dr. Rachel Esner (UvA)

Discussion with dr. Ellinoor Bergvelt (UvA), dr. Ad de Jong (UvA),
dr. Chris Stolwijk (Van Gogh Museum) en dr. Tom Verschaffel (Katholieke
Universiteit Leuven)

16.30u – 17.15u: Drinks