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Grootzilver: Bennewitz en Bonebakker, 1800 – 1850

Silverware: Bennewitz and Bonebakker, 1800-1850 Exhibition: 1 December 2006 - 9 April 2007

From the museum website

The Willet-Holthuysen Museum presents an exhibition of silver from the shops of Diederik Lodewijk Bennewitz and Adrianus Bonebakker. Traditionally Amsterdam was the main centre of the Dutch gold and silver industry. In the first half of the nineteenth century Amsterdam silver set the style for the whole of Holland, with many renowned silver smiths bringing their work to Bennewitz and Bonebakker. The exhibition presents a choice selection of ‘holloware’ – the generic term for articles of use such as tea services, coffee and chocolate jugs, tureens, baskets, chestnut urns, candlesticks and ceremonial objects such as dress swords, competition cups and the like.