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Hendrick Avercamp (1585-1634): the little ice age

Exhibition: 21 March - 5 July 2010

From the museum website, 20 June 2010

In the first exhibition devoted to Dutch landscape artist Hendrick Avercamp (1585–1634), scenes of skating, sleigh rides, and outdoor games on frozen canals and waterways bring to life the lively pastimes and day-to-day bustle of the Golden Age. Displayed in the intimate Dutch Cabinet Galleries, some 14 paintings and 16 drawings capture the harsh winters of the period and the activities they made possible. Avercamp—the first artist to specialize in painting winter landscapes that feature people enjoying themselves on the ice—made the “ice scene” a genre in its own right. Within these winter scenes is a social narrative as well: unencumbered by status, all classes formed one community on the ice. Avercamp was also an outstanding draftsman who made individual figure studies that he utilized not only in his painted work but also in compositional drawings.


Hendrick Avercamp: master of the ice scene
Edited by Pieter Roelofs, with contributions by Jonathan Bikker, Marijn Schapelhouman, Bianca du Mortier, Ige Verslype, Arie Wallert and Adriaan de Kraker
192 pp., 230 color illustrations
Amsterdam (Nieuw Amsterdam) 2009
ISBN-13: 978-90-8689-059-0 (English edition)
ISBN-13: 978-90-8689-056-9 (Dutch edition)

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