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Het aanzien van Amsterdam: profielen, panorama’s en plattegronden uit de Gouden Eeuw

The presence of Amsterdam: views and maps from the Golden Age Exhibition: 19 October - 6 January 2007

Pieter van der Keere, Panorama of Amsterdam, 1614-18. Amsterdam, city archive

Pieter van der Keere, Panorama of Amsterdam, 1614-18
Amsterdam, city archive

From the museum website

The first large exhibition of the new city archive is Het aanzien van Amsterdam: profielen en plattegronden uit de Gouden Eeuw (The presence [literally, the appearance or the prestige] of Amsterdam: profiles and groundplans from the Golden Age). Three aspects of the subject are featured: the actual appearance of the city; pictures of the city as projected by artists; and the image of Amsterdam. Thanks to loans from the Netherlands and abroad, several multi-sheet profiles and maps that have been divided can be shown here together for the first time in centuries.


Het aanzien van Amsterdam: panorama’s, plattegronden en profielen uit de Gouden Eeuw
Boudewijn Bakker and Erik Schmitz (eds.), with contributions by Jaap Evert Abrahamse, Norbert Middelkoop and others
Catalogue of an exhibition held in 2007-08 in Amsterdam (Stadsarchief)
303 pp., 35 cm.
Amsterdam (Stadsarchief) and Bussum (Thoth) 2007-08
ISBN-13: 978-90-6868-444-5