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Het jaar van de achttiende eeuw in Rijksmuseum Twenthe

The year of the 18th century in the Rijksmuseum Twenthe Exhibition: 24 February 2007 - 6 January 2008

Museum information

This year the Rijksmuseum Twenthe is presenting an overview of Dutch painting in the 18th century, which will include more than 100 works from the collections of the Rijksmuseum Twenthe, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the Frans Hals museum and the Dordrechts Museum.

Works on show include paintings by important artists as Pieter Barbiers, Wybrand Hendriks, Pieter Gerardus van Os, Abraham and Jacob van Strij, Cornelis Troost, Wouter Johannes van Troostwijk, Nicolaas Verkolje and Jacob de Wit.

Developments in painting in the 18th century

But this phase of retrospection passed too, and at the end of the 18th century one no longer adopted the 17th century view and started to take a fresh look at Nature. Furthermore, the history of the nation became more and more popular. Around 1800 the new élan in the arts lead to many initiatives. The foundation was laid for the present Rijksmuseum and for the first national art academy. For the very first time, there were public exhibitions of contemporary art and young talented artists had the opportunity to study in Paris and Rome.

Parallel programme

In the course of the year, experts of national repute will give lectures on a wide range of aspects of culture in the 18th century.
The museum is organising a course on art and culture of the 18th century, which will be done in collaboration with the Volksuniversiteit of Enschede.


Saturday 24 February 2007, 16.00 hours by Simon Murphy and The New Dutch Academy.
The programme consists of an introduction on the arts in the 18th century by Simon Murphy and a performance of work of the Dutch composer Joseph Schmitt by members of The New Dutch Academy.

New Dutch Academy CD

One of the most important Dutch composers in the 18th century was Joseph Schmitt (1734 – 1791), who is also called the ‘Dutch Haydn’. Recently The New Dutch Academy conducted by Simon Murphy released the CD Joseph Schmitt, ‘The Dutch Haydn’: Early Symphonies and Chamber Music.


The year of the 18th century started on 26 and 27 January with the congress
Ger-manie? on the cultural relations between the Netherlands and German states in the 18th century.

Moffen en hazekoppen

At the same time the exhibition Moffen en Hazekoppen was opened, which is about the literary contacts between the Netherlands and Germany in the 18th century.

Restoration in the hall

From 1 April 2007, 18th century paintings and frames will be restored ‘in the hall’ so that the public has the opportunity to view progress on the restoration.