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High Society

Exhibition: 8 March - 3 June 2018

For centuries, powerful princes, eccentric aristocrats and fabulously wealthy citizens, looking their most beautiful in full regalia, had themselves painted by the world’s best artists. Preferably life-size, standing and ‘from head to toe’. In spring 2018, the Rijksmuseum will present High Society: thirty-five life-size portraits by the great masters in art history: from Cranach to Velázquez and from Rembrandt to Monet. Paintings are on loan from, among others, the Louvre (Paris), Musée d’Orsay (Paris), Prado (Madrid), Tate (London) and Uffizi (Florence).

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606–1669), Portrait of Marten Soolmans (detail), 1634
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Rembrandt van Rijn (1606–1669), Portrait of Oopjen Coppit (detail), 1634
Musée du Louvre

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