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Hugo van der Goes

28 October 2022 - 5 February 2023

Hugo van der Goes

Exhibition: 28 October 2022 - 5 February 2023

Hugo van der Goes (1430/1340-1482) together with Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden and Hans Memling, is one of the greatest of the Flemish Primitives. Following thorough restoration over a period of five years, his masterpiece ‘The Death of the Virgin Mary’ from ca. 1470, takes pride of place in this exhibition. This panel is one of the very finest Bruges works of art, alongside the Memlings the Sint-Janshospitaal is also fortunate enough to possess and the two Van Eyck’s in the Groeningemuseum. The restored masterpiece shows how brilliantly Van der Goes deals with color, composition and technique. At the same time, Van der Goes is also an atypical Flemish master: although he is painting a very traditional subject, he approaches it in an innovative manner that is all his own. Through a series of seven visions or seven mini-exhibitions, the visitor will learn more about this single painting. Why has it been such an important part of our rich heritage for the past 550 years? Why does it still continue to intrigue us, even today?

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