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Improved protection of paintings during exhibition, storage and transit

Research Conference: 20 November - 21 November 2009

From the organization website, 24 September 2009

The final seminar and workshop in the EU funded project PROPAINT “Improved Protection of Paintings during Exhibition, Storage and Transit”will be held from November 20th – 21st 2009 at the National Museum of Krakow, Poland.

20 November: seminar

The Final Seminar on 20th November will present results from the different work packages in the PROPAINT project related to the following themes:

• Use and design of microclimate (mc) frames for paintings.

• Protection effect of mc-frames for paintings.

• Protection effect and analysis of varnishes.

• Gaseous pollutants inside and outside mc-frames for paintings.

• Dosimetry for measurement of environmental impact on paintings in mc-frames.

• Passive sampling for measurement of environmental parameters in mc-frames.

• Preventive conservation standards for environments in mc-frames for paintings.

For the seminar program please click here

Participants are invited to present Posters related to topics focused on in the seminar.

21 November: workshop

On 21st November there will be a practical workshop were the participants will take part in presentations, demonstrations and discussions related to the design, construction and evaluation of the quality of the environment in microclimate frames for paintings. There will also be presentations and discussions related to the use of varnishes and to the results from analysis of degradation of varnishes.

Microclimate frames — Environmental Evaluation

In the PROPAINT project, environmental evaluation of microclimate frames (mc-frames) for paintings and study of the potential deterioration effects on varnishes have been performed.


PROPAINT reports for the first time on the action of inorganic (NO2, O3) and organic pollutants (acetic acid) on natural and synthetic varnishes.


The PROPAINT project demonstrates the added value of using two or more complementary dosimeters both sensitive to organic acids and oxidizing pollutants.

Conservation Strategy

The PROPAINT project aims to contribute to the conservation strategy and standards for microclimate control for paintings on display, in storage and in transit.

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