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In all their glory

Exhibition: 21 June - 31 August 2014

From the palace website, 4 February 2014

After exactly two centuries the Civic Guard Paintings are reunited in the Chambers of the Council of War in a historical reconstruction. In the summer of 2014 you are welcome to bring a unique visit to the third floor of the Royal Palace Amsterdam. For once, the Small and Great Chambers of the Coucil of War will be open for public. These rooms could never be seen before.

In the eighteenth century the Royal Palace was still the City Hall of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Civic Guard was housed in the Chambers of the Council of War. These rooms were decorated with eighteen large ‘Civic Guard Paintings’. Impressive paintings, of which Rembrandt’s Night Watch is the most famous and best known.

In the Small Chamber of the Council of War Rembrandt’s Night Watch was reduced to its actual size. Otherwise it could not fit between two doors.