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In het licht van: de Bergense school geïnspireerd door Cézanne, Van Gogh en Le Fauconnier

In a certain light: the painters of the Bergen School inspired by Cézanne, Van Gogh and Le Fauconnier Exhibition: 1 May - 12 September 2010

Information from the museum, 6 April 2010

The Expressionist artists of North Holland, known as the Bergen School, formed one of the leading movements in Dutch painting in the early 20th century. Bergen, a coastal village, was a meeting place for the modern artists of theday. Like many contemporary artists, they were greatly influenced by the paintings of Paul Cézanne, Vincent van Gogh and Henri Le Fauconnier.

This exhibition of Expressionist art from North Holland at the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar investigates these influences. Similarities with the styles of these famous artists are shown using visual illustrations. Savour the pure, personal expression that the dunes, meadows, farms and trees of North Holland inspired in these artists. And discover how they adopted Van Gogh’s use of light, Cézanne’s contorted figures and Henri Le Fauconnier’s natural signs.

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