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Interior Platform – Real or Unreal Interiors

29 September 2023

Interior Platform – Real or Unreal Interiors

Interieurplatform - Echte of Onechte Interieurs Symposium: 29 September 2023

A lot of questions arise when looking at monumental interiors, first and foremost the obvious: what are we actually looking at? Is the room being studied a surviving interior, a composite whole or a (recent) creation?

During this symposium the theme of real or unreal interiors is being discussed from different perspectives. Questions are being asked about whether it is more important to be authentic or to make the most faithful reproduction as possible. What is lost when an interior is reconstructed at a different location than where it was originally located? And what modification are needed when transporting an interior into a museum setting? All these questions are influenced by our own frame of reference, so how do films and paintings influence the way we look at the monumental interior?

Five speakers will illuminate these abovementioned topics (almost all in Dutch) during this symposium, providing insight into the aspects that contribute to the experience of interiors.

For more information about this event, a full program and to register, please see the website (in Dutch) of RCE.