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Jan Dibbets: Saenredam-Zadkine

Exhibition: 22 October 2004 - 13 February 2005

Museum press release,October 2004

Jan Dibbets (born 1941) is presenting for the first time two groups of works in his series of tributes to the seventeenth century Dutch painter Pieter Saenredam: Saenredam-Hambourg (1978) and Saenredam-Zadkine (2003). Both ensembles are based on photographs of sculptor’s studios: the studio of contemporary sculptor Ulrich Rückriem in the case of the earlier work and that of Ossip Zadkine for the second.

Like Saenredam’s paintings and drawings these ensembles set out to accentuate the transformational dimension of the process of representation. And since one of them, Saenredam-Zadkine, is being shown alongside the very elements that were involved in its creation, visitors will be able to gauge for themselves the difference between the site and its photographic representation and thus directly experience the transformation.