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Jan van Eyck in Holland

Lecture: 25 August 2011

The lecture closes the summer course Made in the Netherlands: Art from the 15th and 16th Centuries, organized by the Rijksmuseum, the RKD and the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University in collaboration with CODART.

Hugo van der Velden will lecture on Jan van Eycks famous miniature depicting the count of Holland praying on the beach, one of the absolute highlights of early Netherlandish painting, part of the Turin-Milan Hours. Jan van Eyck stayed at the court of Holland from 1422 to 1425 as court painter to Duke Jan van Beieren. It is the earliest documented period of the life of Van Eyck, the miniature was made during those years. Van der Velden will argue that The prayer on the beach is the first realistic, recognizable landscape in Netherlandish painting and therefore Western-European art history.

We hope to see you Thursday night 25 August. Felix Meritis will be opened from 18:00.

Location: Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam
Admission: free
Start Public Lecture: 19:00

Reservations through, or telephone: + 31 20 6262321

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