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Léon Delaissé en de tentoonstelling “De Vlaamse miniatuur” (1959): vijftig jaar onderzoek naar de “Bourgondische” miniatuurkunst

Léon Delaissé and the exihibition "The Flemish illuminated manuscript" (1959): 50 years of research of the "Burgundian" illumination Symposium: 3 December 2009

Information from the KIK-IRPA website, 16 October 2009

Fifty years ago an exhibition that would have a major impact on the historiography of manuscript illumination from the Burgundian Netherlands took place in Brussels. Curated by the influential Belgian expert Léon Delaissé, La miniature flamande presented his fundamental ideas on the illuminated manuscript. These would become the subject of numerous discussions and place the study of illuminated manuscripts at the forefront of fifteenth-century art historical research.

Conceived as a tribute to this great scholar, the study day organised by IRPA/KIK on December 3 2009 will revisit the issues Delaissé was most concerned with (the codicology and archaeology of the book, the notion of a workshop, ducal patronage, the importance of Books of Hours…), in an attempt to assess the results of half a century of research.

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