CODART, Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide

Landscape prints from the Low Countries, 16th-19th century

Exhibition: 1 November 2002 - 1 March 2003


Dana Bercea.*

58 prints by Dutch and Flemish artists, from Hieronymus Cock to J.B. Jongkind. The exhibition focuses on the development of landscape from an adjunct to depictions of the 12 months and the four seasons to an autonomous genre. All the exhibits are from the printroom of the National Museum of Art. Most of them were brought to Romania with the acquisitions made on the European market by the Romanian physician Ion Cantacuzino (1863-1934). Cantacuzino’s print collection was the largest in the country between the First and Second World Wars. The Dutch and Flemish prints take their place among those of all the European school. Many of them are stamped with the marks of such important collectors as Pierre Mariette, Friedrich August II of Saxony, the Earl of Aylesford and F.A. Maglin.

This is the fifth exhibition to be held in the printroom galleries since they were opened in the year 2000.