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Lauwerier en Korfmacher

Lauwerier and Korfmacher Exhibition: 29 August 2008 - 22 January 2009

Museum information

As strategically located garrison town, Nijmegen was jammed between its city walls for centuries.
Towards the end of the 19th century 23,000 people inhabited a mere 2,300 houses in the inner city, which still had a medieval street plan. Due to the discontinuance of Nijmegen’s citadel status in 1874, the garrison walls were demolished and the city was extended. This led to a period of social and economic growth and changed the appearance of the city for good.

Late 19th-century photos, aquarelles, drawings and paintings by two Nijmegen artists can be seen at the exhibition. The artists were amateur painter Rudolphus Lauwerier (1797-1883) and photographer Gerard Korfmacher (1835-1877), who in their own way both recorded how the city shed its old skin.