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Macht en glorie

Power and glory Exhibition: 20 March 2008 - 6 September 2009


From the museum website

Age-old paintings, ship models from the year 1700 and Blaeu’s Atlas Major… The exhibition at the Rotterdam Maritime Museum is now displaying the crème de la crème of objects and art from seafaring history. Specifically, these are the best pieces from the collections of the Netherlands Maritime Museum Amsterdam and the Rotterdam Maritime Museum. A special feature of the exhibition is that these precious museum pieces are combined with an exciting and surprising storyline for children: comics characters will usher them into the world of the Golden Age.

Amsterdam and Rotterdam working together

The closure of the Netherlands Maritime Museum in Amsterdam for renovation has resulted in a unique opportunity for collaboration between these two cities. For the first time in history, extremely valuable artworks will be leaving Amsterdam. In this way visitors will continue to have access to the beautiful collection of the Netherlands Maritime Museum Amsterdam. In addition, the Maritime Museum Rotterdam would like to show the public that – just as in modern Rotterdam – it also has age-old, splendid art treasures to be enjoyed.

Prosperity through shipping

With themes such as ‘VOC’, ‘Whale-hunting’ and ‘Overseas Trade’, one thing becomes clear: there never would have been a Golden Age without shipping. The Netherlands achieved its status as an affluent nation due to its overseas trade. In addition to the activities of the VOC (the Dutch East India Company) and the WIC (the Dutch West India Company), there were also opportunities for trade on the Baltic Sea, a lucrative business with the Scandinavian countries for many Dutch.

Great times for the entire family

‘Power & Glory’ is not only for the art lovers out there; a visit to the collection is also suitable for the entire family. Dutch history will be presented and told in an exciting way to children 10 years old and older. The comics characters will tell the story of the Netherlands in the Golden Age. Young visitors can view the paintings through a spyglass, smell spices, learn about the slave trade and navigating the high seas.