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Max J. Friedländer, een leven in archiefstukken

Max J. Friedländer, a life in archival documents Presentation: 1 October - 19 December 2008

The Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD) is displaying items from the private archive of Max J. Friedländer. The archive was donated to Utrecht University by Friedländer’s heirs after his death in 1958. In 2007 the university transferred these holdings to the RKD. The presentation includes letters, manuscripts, notes, documents concerning the so-called ‘Expertisenstreit’, Friedländer’s retirement, his notebooks, honours and the original manuscript of Max J. Friedländer: Erinnerungen und Aufzeichnungen, published in 1967 by Rudolf M. Heilbrunn. In all, this small display affords a fascinating view of the eventful, dramatic life of one of the best-known art historians of the twentieth century.

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