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Mezi zátišími: flámské a holandské obrazy 17. století a jejich ohlas v kabinetní malbě stêední Evropy

Among still lifes: 17th-century Flemish and Dutch paintings and their echoes in the cabinet painting of Central Europe Exhibition: 13 December 2002 - 13 April 2003


Hana Seifertová.

Museum information

67 paintings from museums and palaces, ecclesiastical and private collections in the Czech Republic, divided into the following categories:

The tradition of the early still lifes (Anonymous, Flegel, Binoit, Jan Bruegel II, Ambrosius Bosschaert the Younger, André Daniels and Frans Francken II)
Small luxury refreshments – still life as an expression of prosperity (Anonymous painters, Pieter Claesz., van Es, van Son, van Kessel, Monogrammist GB, Cornelis de Heem, van Beyeren, Coosemans, Nicolaes de Gelder)
Bouquets, festoons, garlands (Gillemans, van Everbroek, Ykens, Bosmans, Ruysch, Stuven, Verbruggen)
Illusion of reality – the trompe l’oeil type of painting (Cornelis and Franciscus Gysbrechts, Frans de Hamilton)
Sylvan undergrowth with animals and insects – the sottobosco painting type (Lachtropius, Withoos, van den Broeck, Stuven, de Hamilton)
Hunting trophy as a reminiscence of an aristocratic game (Fyt, Vonck, Abraham Brueghel, Anonymous, Verelst)
Echoes of Netherlandish still lifes in Central Europe, specifically in early 18th-century Prague cabinet painting (Petr Jan Brandl and Jan Vojtìch (Johann Adalbert) Angermeyer, J.G. Beitler, Johann Falch, Franz Michael Siegmund Purgau, Monogrammist P.F.W.D., Kašpar Jan (Caspar Johann) Hirschely, Jan Petr Molitor, Johann Seitz and an anonymous master).

An illuminating overview of excellent, little-known paintings, with a catalogue.


Hana Seifertová, Mezi zátišími: flámské a holandské obrazy 17. století a jejich ohlas v kabinetní malbě stêední Evropy, LiberecCheb (Oblastní galerie and Galerie výtvarného umění) 2002. 80 pages.

Other venue

Cheb, Galerie výtvarného uměni v Chebu (April 17 – June 22, 2003).