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Mondrian de 1892 à 1914, les chemins de l’abstraction

Mondriaan from 1892 ro 1914: the roads to abstraction Exhibition: 27 March - 17 July 2002


Joop Joosten and Hans Janssen.

From the museum website

“This exhibition investigates in detail the painter’s first years of activity: from the twenty-year-old student at the Dutch State Art Academy to the world-famous artist, who until 1914 evolved in the cosmopolitan Paris of the pre-war period, before he went back to Holland. A rigorous selection of paintings and drawings re-establishes the importance of Mondrian’s early years and demonstrates how his evolution towards modernity and abstraction was rooted in the pictorial tradition of the nineteenth century.”


Hans Janssen and Joop M. Joosten, Mondrian 1892 à 1914: les chemins de l’abstraction, Paris, Réunion des musées nationaux, 2002.
ISBN 2-7118-4336-X.

English edition: Mondrian 1892-1914: the path to abstraction, Zwolle (Waanders) 2002.
ISBN 90-400-8708-3 (hardbound).
ISBN 90-400-8695-8 (paperbound).

Other venue

Fort Worth, Kimbell Art Museum (18 August-12 December 2002).