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Nederlandse tekeningen, 1580-1850: hoogtepunten uit eigen bezit

Dutch drawings, 1580-1850: highlights from the collection Exhibition: 22 July - 22 October 2000

From the museum website

The famous Dutch drawings in the Teyler Museum were mostly acquired before 1875. They reflect the partiality at that time for finished, detailed and often coloured drawings. All genres are represented here, such as portraits, religious and mythological scenes, scenes from daily life, landscapes and still-lifes. As the title suggests all major names of that period are represented in the exhibition. Sheets by masters like Goltzius, Rembrandt, Dou, Van Ostade and Mesdag are to be admired. The drawings are made with all sorts of materials: pen and ink, pencil, coloured chalk, watercolour and bodycolour. The highlights on exhibit illustrate the magnificence of Dutch draughtsmanship of past centuries.