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Northern European drawings from the Robert Lehman collection: 15th and 16th centuries

Exhibition: 8 February - 21 May 2000

From the website of Princeton University Press, 24 February 2009

Early European art was a consuming interest of both Robert Lehman and his father, Philip Lehman, an interest reflected in the remarkable number and quality of drawings they owned from the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. In addition to an important group of early German drawings, the collection includes a Saint Paul from a series associated with Jan van Eyck and the famous Scupstoel from the circle of Rogier van der Weyden, the only design for a decorative sculpture to survive from the fifteenth century. The great artists of the seventeenth century, Peter Paul Rubens, Jacob Jordaens, Claude Lorrain, and Rembrandt among them, are also represented, Rembrandt by seven drawings, including the large study of Leonardo’s Last Supper that would stay in his mind all through his career, whenever he depicted groups of figures conversing with each other. Drawings by Antoine Watteau, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, and Gabriel de Saint-Aubin are among the many from eighteenth-century France.

This volume is the ninth to be published in a projected series of sixteen that will catalogue the entire Robert Lehman Collection at the Metropolitan Museum. It discusses all 140 drawings at length, placing each in its art historical setting and complementing the discussion with comparative illustrations of related works.


Fifteenth- to eighteenth-century European drawings: Central Europe, The Netherlands, France, England

Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann, Mary Tavener Holmes, Fritz Koreny, Donald Posner and Duncan Robinson
Collection catalogue, Published as vol. 7 in series The Robert Lehman Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, gave occasion to exhibition held in 2000 in New York (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
448 pp., 70 plates in color, 275 in black and white
New York (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) and Princeton (Princeton University Press) 2000
ISBN 0-87099-918-4 (hardbound)
ISBN 0-691-04872-X (paperbound)