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Painting techniques

course: 13 July - 21 July 2004


Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL – Limburg Conservation Institute), Maastricht

Course leaders

Renate Woudhuysen-Keller (Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge, UK),
René Hoppenbrouwers and Helène Dubois (Limburg Conservation Institute).

A series of lectures and practical workshops will introduce participants to the technical, optical and aesthetic properties of painting techniques. The essential characteristics of painting techniques will be discussed. Based on the study of original paintings on hand in the studios, the influence of painting materials on form and style will be demonstrated. The participants will prepare mineral pigments and organic lakes and make them into paints using different binding media. They will experience the handling properties and the optical qualities of paints, such as gloss, saturation and transparency, achieved by a combination of traditional binding medium, pigments and layer build-up.