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Picturing Ludwig Burchard

Symposium: 6 December 2013

From the Rubenianum website, 20 October 2013

This study day aims at contextualizing Burchard’s person, his achievements and network within the arthistoriographic tradition of Rubens research and connoisseurship of his day.
Parallels will be explored with contemporary scholars – and personal acquaintances – such as Max Friedländer and Fritz Grossmann. Apart from coming closer to Ludwig Burchard, we hope to gain better insight into the genesis of photo archives that have proved crucial for the collections and identity of study centres like the Rubenianum. The study day will be concluded by a festive evening programme at Antwerp’s City Hall.
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09.15: Registration and Coffee

10.00: VĂ©ronique Van de Kerckhof

Welcome and introduction

Chair: Arnout Balis

10.15: Lieneke Nijkamp

On the record(s): Burchard’s material legacy

10.30: Hans Vlieghe
Ludwig Burchard and Rubensforschung

10.55: intermezzo I: Tape recording fragment Belgian Art Seminar

11.00: coffee

11.45: Prisca Valkeneers
Allies and Axis: Burchard’s network during WWII

12.05: Christopher White
The Rubens exhibition at Wildenstein’s in London in 1950

12.30: intermezzo II: Interview Anne Olivier Bell

12.40: lunch

Chair: Rudi Ekkart

14.00: Anna Tummers
Keynote: The Eye of the Connoisseur

14.50: Koen Bulckens
A brief history of the catalogue raisonné

15.15: tea

15.45: Hilde Cuvelier
“Empathy and deep understanding”: Fritz Grossmann’s Bruegel Archive at the Rubenianum

16.05: Suzanne Laemers
“Good old Max”: the German art historian Max J. Friedländer (1867-1958), contemporary of Ludwig Burchard

16.30: Bert Watteeuw
“Aufmerksamkeit nicht immer gleichmäßig” The scholar as schoolboy