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Piet Mondrian: vejen til modernismen

Piet Mondrian: the road to modernism Exhibition: 24 August - 25 November 2007

From the museum website, 30 March 2009

Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) has been called one of the most radical abstract painters of our time. His work was path-breaking for modernism, and his abstract paintings stand like icons for many 20th century artists, designers and architects. However, even though most of us are familiar with his characteristic imprint on modern art, only few of us know who Piet Mondrian is.

The exhibition Piet Mondrian: the road to modernism presents a broad selection of Mondrian’s works, also focussing on his early and lesser known works. These tie in nicely with the museum’s permanent collection of French paintings. The exhibition follows Mondrian’s meeting with cubism in Paris in the years up to World War I and his development of the abstract art which has earned him world acclaim. Mondrian stayed for longer periods in Paris where the was inspired by the jazz music of the roaring twenties and the art milieu of the city. Here, he staged a carefully arranged studio dominated by his characteristic system of black lines and brightly coloured squares.


OAK Foundation, Denmark
Augustinus Fonden