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Rembrandt and the Golden Age

Exhibition: 12 June - 22 July 2007

N.B. Because of great popular interest, the exhibition has been prolonged from 1 to 22 July.

Visitors to Rembrandt exhibition at Saba Cultural and Artistic Center, Tehran

At the exhibition, 27 June 2007 (photo: Gary Schwartz)

Documentary exhibition on the work and life and times of Rembrandt van Rijn and some of his contemporaries.

From the website of the Institute

An Iranian art history expert and researcher, Dr. Jalal-e Din Kashefi who is a specialist in Dutch painting of 17th century, regarded the holding of Rembrandt exhibition in Saba institute as an extraordinary opportunity for the enthusiasts of European art history to research on their favorite subject.

As reported by the Public Relations of Saba Cultural-Artistic Institute affiliated to the Academy of Arts, Dr. Jalal-e Din Kashefi, one of the scholars and experts of arts history stressed that: "Regarding the fact that the original works of Rembrandt are kept in museum and even in Netherlands are not allowed to be relocated, so the students and enthusiasts can take advantage of this existing opportunity."

"Like the majority of exhibitions held at Saba institute, the Rembrandt exhibition almost serves a scholarly function and aimed at providing a facility and ground for making Iranian enthusiasts familiar with one of the most brilliant eras of art prosperity in the history of post-Renaissance Europe. We must bear in mind that in 17th century Rembrandt was a more prominent and celebrated artist whose works have been seen in many books of art history and analyzed by scholars, so the organizers of the exhibition did not feel necessary to gather the original works with many possible obstacles and difficulties of the process," he added.

"The other problem with these paintings is their age, and in terms of used materials they are so fragile and vulnerable, relocation can damage these works," he stated.

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Lecture by Gary Schwartz, 27 June 2007