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Rembrandt and the Rembrandt school: the Bible, mythology and ancient history

Exhibition: 13 September - 14 December 2003

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Why did Rembrandt produce a historical painting while other painters become, for example, landscape or genre painter? This exhibition is to present Rembrandt who had chosen to be a historical painter when such paintings were not really the most popular art form but had established the reputation in this domain. Through Rembrandt, we try to examine the painter and 17th century Dutch paintings by bringing them into a new spot light.

Paintings including 6 masterpieces of Rembrandt together with very important Dutch paintings of the 17th century from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin. In addition to these museums, we have also other paintings of Rembrandt and his school from museums in London, Den Haag, Budapest, Washington, and Boston.

The exhibition is accompanied by an international symposium on 13-14 September 2003.


Akira Kofuku, Rembrandt and the Rembrandt School: the bible, mythology and ancient history, text in Japanese with summaries in English, Tokyo (The National Museum of Western Art) 2003. 210 pages.