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Rembrandt from Amsterdam and Jerusalem

Exhibition: 3 June - 5 December 2015

From the museum’s website, 7 May 2015

Special Exhibit
The Prophet Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem, an exquisite painting by the young Rembrandt produced during his Leiden period, is on special loan for the Museum’s 50th anniversary from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. It is shown here side-by-side with our own Rembrandt masterpiece, St. Peter in Prison. Portrayed in similar poses, the prophet and the apostle convey the same sense of sorrow and desolation. From the striking resemblance between the two aged, bearded figures we can deduce that Rembrandt worked with the same model in his early years. The paintings are displayed alongside prints by Rembrandt depicting themes from the Bible and the New Testament, as well as oils by Rembrandt’s teacher and some of his prominent pupils.

The exhibition in located in the Aaron and Blima Shickman Old Masters Galleries.