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Rembrandt i konkurenci

Rembrandt and his competitors Exhibition: 24 May - 27 August 2006

Catalogue of exhibition Rembrandt and his competitors, Kraków, International Culture Center, 2006


Krzystof Krużel

Subtitle: “Seventeenth-century Netherlandish printmaking from the print room at the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in the Scientific Library of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow”


Essays in Polish and English:
Jacek Purchla, “Rembrandt and Netherlandish masters at the International Cultural Centre”
Karolina Grodziska, “From the Library”
Joanna Brzózka, “Rembrandt and his etching technique”
Krzystof Krużel, “Rembrandt van Rijn’s etchings and Netherlandish prints of the 17th century”
Completely illustrated catalogue of 140 prints, with summary entries
240 pp., paperbound
ISBN 83-89273-33-0