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Rembrandt in prent gebracht

Rembrandt engraved Exhibition: 1 June - 27 August 2006

Adam von Bartsch after Rembrandt, Man on horseback, perhaps Mordechai, Leiden, printroom of the universityAdam von Bartsch (1757-1821) after Rembrandt
Man on horseback, possibly representing Mordechai
etching and aquatint, 20.7 x 31.4 cm.
Leiden, print room of the University, inv. nr. PK-P-126.073


Jef Schaeps, curator of prints and drawings

Museum information

Rembrandt was not only a prolific printmaker himself, his work was also reproduced many times by other printmakers. This started as early as the 1630’s, when Jan Gillisz van Vliet made etchings of some of Rembrandt’s paintings in close collaboration with the master, until the end of the nineteenth century, when photography had overtaken the reproductive function of printmaking. During those some 250 years many hundreds of prints were made, not only after Rembrandt’s paintings, but also his drawings and etchings. These reproductive prints are the subject of an exhibition in the Leiden Printroom that will focus on Dutch, German, French and English prints.

The history of reproductive printmaking in connection to Rembrandt is closely tied to his fame as an artist and to specific works which, although renowned, were inaccessible. The number of prints reflects his popularity as well as the changing image the public (including artists and critics) had of his work. Some works, although attributed to Rembrandt by printmakers, are no longer considered to be by his hand. Many of his paintings were engraved repeatedly, others only once or even never. Reproductive printmaking in this way is a reflection of the history of taste, connoisseurship and of the artist’s reception.


Rembrandt in prent gebracht: uit de collectie van het Prentenkabinet
Jef Schaeps, editor
Book accompanying an exhibition in the print room of Leiden University, 2006
Leiden (Universiteit Leiden, Faculteit der Kunsten en Universiteitsbibliotheek) 2006
160 pp., with 51 illustrated entries and a partly illustrated checklist of 293 prints in the print room after work by or previously thought to be by Rembrandt.
ISBN 90-77541-03-9 Hardbound

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue that will contain, besides an introductory essay, a list of all reproductive prints made after Rembrandt known so far.