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Rembrandt & Lucas van Leyden

Rembrandt & Lucas van Leyden Exhibition: 19 March - 19 June 2011

Concurrent with the large Lucas van Leyden exhibition in the Lakenhal, The Rembrandt House Museum organizes Rembrandt & Lucas van Leyden. etchings by Rembrandt and engravings by Lucas van Leyden are shown side by side to show the influence the 16th-century artist had on Rembrandt.

The admiration Rembrandt had for the prints by Lucas van Leyden clearly shows from the fact that Rembrandt owned the complete printed oeuvre of the artist. At auctions in 1642 he spent great sums of money on them. Thematically the artists share their interest in biblical secenes and scenes from everyday life, such as the depiction of beggars. They both printed self portraits as well.

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