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Rembrandt Observes People

Exhibition: 3 March - 2 September 2018

Rembrandt was a keen observer. He wanted to know what moved people, to capture their dramas, large and small. In the spring and summer, the Rembrandt House Museum is staging a two-part exhibition with highlights from its collection of etchings. At its heart will be Rembrandt’s portrayal of people. Loving mothers with children playing, beggars and street musicians, old people with distinctive heads – in this exhibition you can look over Rembrandt’s shoulder.

The Rembrandt House owns many of Rembrandt’s etchings of scenes from everyday life. They are striking in their directness and the loose, sketchy manner, and attest to Rembrandt’s remarkable powers of observation. As works on paper are fragile and cannot be exposed to the light for too long, this exhibition will be in two parts, each with a different selection of etchings.

Part 1: 3 March – 27 May 2018
Part 2: 2 June – 2 September 2018