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Rembrandt: the consummate etcher and other 17th-century printmakers

Exhibition: 4 February - 2 April 2006

Rembrandt, Landscape with farm and large tree, 1641, B. 226, Syracuse University Art Collection

Rembrandt, Landscape with farm and large tree, 1641
Bartsch 226, Syracuse University Art Collection


Syracuse University Art Collection, Syracuse, New York


Domenic J. Iacono

From the website of Syracuse University Art Collection

Rembrandt is generally considered one of the most important figures in western art history. This ranking has been remarkably stable in the three hundred years since his death and is due, in part, to his virtuoso style, the wide range of subject matter that he included in his work, and his prolific output. Typically it is his painting that garners the most attention with the public, but his etchings demonstrate the same genius, diversity of subjects, and vitality that he generated with his brush. This exhibition brings together 40 printed works by Rembrandt and 16 of his contemporaries. It has been arranged in thematic groups, landscapes, genre, portraits, and religious subjects, so that visitors may discover the similarities and differences as well as the technical achievements of these talented individuals.