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Rembrandt: the quest for chiaroscuro

Exhibition: 25 June - 4 September 2011

Information from the organizers, 2 March 2011

Few artists of any period were as renowned for the use of light and shadow as Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669). His seemingly limitless variations of bold and subtle shadings cast him as a ‘magician of light and shadow.’
In the cooperation with the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam, this show presents some 100 of the artist’s most important prints and some 15 of his paintings in demonstrating his fascination with and dedication to light and shadow.

The artworks are gathered from the Rijksmuseum, the British Museum, the Louvre Museum, and other major institutions.

Some 30 works in this exhibition are printed on Japanese paper. Rembrandt began using paper imported from Japan by the East India Company since about 1647. The exhibition explores the role that paper played in Rembrandt’s art.
Together, these works trace how the artist, from his early years to the end of his career, dedicated himself to the pursuit of light and shadow, and demonstrate the unsurpassed variation and depth of expressions he was able to achieve.

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