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Exhibition: 26 March - 27 June 2004

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn (1606-69)
Woman with a crying child scared by a dog, ca. 1635
Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts


Marian Bisanz-Prakken*

Museum information

With this large Rembrandt exhibition, the Vienna Albertina dedicates a show after Albrecht Dürer once again to one of the main masters of its collection.

The exhibition will combine the most important examples of Rembrandt’s print œuvre – 80 drawings and 70 etchings – with 30 of his paintings. This will allow the visitor an exciting insight into the great universality of this most important and influential Dutch artist of the 17th century.

This exhibition honours the genius of Rembrandt, his fascinating technical mastery in all media as well as the wide thematic spectrum in his work in an unique manner. The show is divided into thematically arranged groups, within which one can uniquely study the fascinating interplay between the individual media.

Self-portraits, figure studies, nudes and animal representations, portraits, mythological and religious representations as well as landscapes from all creative periods of Rembrandt will be shown.

The paintings include major works such as Flora from London, Landscape with a stone bridge from Amsterdam, self-portraits from Munich and Vienna and Sophonisba from Madrid. Brilliant sheets such as the Reclining lion from Paris and the Reclining nude from Amsterdam as well as touching scenes such as Hagar and Ishmael in the desert from Hamburg and numerous landscape drawings filled with light, air and atmosphere will be on show.

Loans from the most significant collections from around the world complete the outstanding collection of drawings and etchings by Rembrandt, many of which were already acquired under the auspices of Albert of Sachsen-Teschen, the founder of the collection – a collection for which the Albertina is famous. Thanks to this collection, the Albertina has always been – especially under its director Otto Benesch between 1948 and 1961 – an important centre for Rembrandt research.


Edited by Klaus Albrecht Schröder and Marian Bisanz-Prakken, with contributions by
Marian Bisanz-Prakken
S.A.C. Dudok van Heel
Ger Luijten
Peter Schatborn
Martina Sitt
Ernst van de Wetering
Catalogue of an exhibition held in 2004 in Vienna (Albertina)
372 pp., 29 x 25 cm., completely illustrated in color
Vienna (Albertina) 2004
ISBN 3-932353-87-0