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Rembrandts Ruhm: vom Wandel der Zuschreibungen in Schwerin

Rembrandts renown: on the change of attributions in Schwerin Exhibition: 15 December 2006 - 11 March 2007

Museum information

Thirteen paintings called Rembrandt in the eighteenth century, today thought to be by Carel Fabritius, Nikolaus Knüpfer and others, show the “Rembrandt” of the past to be a very different artist than he became during the last decades. To take into focus this past Rembrandt and the position his work held in the collections helps to recognise our own conception of Rembrandt as a product of an historical process instead of any final truth.

The small exhibition of the eleven extant works in question and some Rembrandt pupils (Bol, S.Koninck) will be shown in the central room of the gallery and will run from 15 December 2006.