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Rogier van der Weyden

Symposium: 5 May - 6 May 2015

Information from the museum, 12 January 2015

This symposium will be held in conjunction with the exhibition Rogier van der Weyden to be held at the Prado between 24 March and 28 June 2014. There the three ‘authenticated’ works of Rogier will be seen together for the first time: the Miraflores Triptych (Berlin), the Descent from the Cross (Prado) and the Crucifixion (Escorial). The Seven Sacraments (Antwerp) and the Duran Virgin (Prado) will also be on view, with sculptures, drawings, a manuscript and a tapestry.

The speakers at the symposium will be: Laura Alba; Loreto Arranz; Lorne Campbell; Francisco de Paula Cañas; David Chao; Bart Fransen; Jose de la Fuente; Lola Gayo; Maite Jover; Stephan Kemperdick; Maria Antonia Lopez; Jaime Maiquez; Lisa Monnas; Jose Juan Perez; Catherine Reynolds; Griet Steyaert; Yao-Fen You.

They will address questions raised in the exhibition, particularly the significance of the restored Crucifixion from the Escorial but also the relationships between Rogier’s paintings and sculpture produced in the Low Countries and in Castile, the career of the Brussels sculptor Egas Cueman, who settled in Castile, and the impact of Rogier’s work on the artists of the Iberian kingdoms. Works on a massive scale by Rogier and his followers – paintings, sculpture and tapestries – provide one of the of the principal themes of the exhibition and the symposium.

Fees: 120 Euros; Students: 60 Euros; Scholars and professionals: 75 Euros; Amigos del Museo del Prado: 90 Euros.

More information will soon be published at the website of the Museum.

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