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Rubens, Brueghel and the ‘Madonna in a Garland of Flowers’

9 July 2024 - 12 January 2025

Rubens, Brueghel and the ‘Madonna in a Garland of Flowers’

Presentation: 9 July 2024 - 12 January 2025

Teamwork, interaction, coworking – that may sound modern but this already existed in the seventeenth century. Peter Paul Rubens, at that time the most important creator of history paintings with large figures, and Jan Brueghel the Elder, the undisputed specialist for landscapes rich in detail and for still lifes, often worked together. The monumental Madonna in a Garland of Flowers is considered one of the highlights of this cooperation. From the summer of 2024 onwards, all eyes will be on the fascinating creative process that provides a deep insight into the work of two congenial artists and is testimony to their self-evident interaction. The presentation traces the sequence of steps in their work, takes a look at discarded pictorial ideas and new creative solutions and documents the high artistic quality of the painting in detailed photographs.

Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) and Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568-1628), Madonna in a
Garland of Flowers
, ca. 1616-18
Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen – Alte Pinakothek, Munich

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