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Rubens’s painting practices

Symposium: 8 December - 9 December 2000


Workshop at the Rubenianum and the Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 December 2000.

Initiator is the Wetenschappelijke Onderzoeks-gemeenschap Vlaamse Renaissance- en Barokkunst.

In this workshop, the participants will be presented case studies, dealing with particular paintings or focussing on various technical aspects of the master’s oeuvre. The aim is to offer specialists on the subject a platform for exchanging views.

To inscribe, please send a note or an e-mail to
Nico Van Hout,
Kolveniersstraat 20,
B-2000 Antwerpen,

Registration is free, but we kindly inform you that the number of seats will be limited

Friday 8 December 2000: Rubenianum

Morning Session

9.30-10.00 h. Welcome, registration, coffee
10.00 h. Inaugural lecture by Hans Vlieghe
10.30 h. Hubert von Sonnenburg (New York)

Rubens Painting Practices

Afternoon Session

14.00 h. Jørgen Wadum (The Hague) Latest News from Paradise
14.45 h. Beatrice von Schmidt-Pauli Haux
Daniël Fitzenreiter (Potsdam) How did the workshop of Rubens enlarge the Adoration of the Magi (1620, Neues Palais Potsdam)?
15.30 h. Jan Kelch (Berlin)
Das Kind mit dem Vogel und seine Bildgenese
16.00 h. Coffee break
16.25 h. Marco Ciatti (Florence)
Il restauro delle Storie di Enrico IV della Galleria degli Uffizi: problemi Tecnici e nuova lettura
17.10 h. Daniël Fabian (Liechtenstein)
The Conversion of St. Paul: Technical Observations on Selected Paintings by Rubens in the Collections of the prince of Liechtenstein

Saturday 8 December 2000: Koninklijk museum voor schone kunsten

Morning Session

10.00 h. Coffee
10.30 h. Welcome and introductory remarks by Paul Huvenne
11.00 h. Nico Van Hout (Antwerp) Some remarks on Rubens’s carnations
11.45 h. Arnout Balis (Antwerp) Final Remarks
12.30 h. Reception

Afternoon Session

Poster on research carried out on three Rubens paintings in the museum collection.
Discussion before the objects.