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Rubens y Amberes en blanco y negro

Rubens and Antwerp in black and white Exhibition: 16 August - 2 October 2016

This exhibition, which presents the works of the Flemish master for the first time in Cuba, is organized in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture of the city of Antwerp. Thirteen engravings are on display, ten of which reproduce original paintings by Rubens.

Rubens’ workshop

Peter Paul Rubens, who established one of the most successful, productive and influential studios of Europe at that time, personally took charge of leading and directing the process of reproduction of his paintings in engraving techniques, with the aim of spreading its work more widely, but ensuring better fidelity to the spirit of his creation. For this purpose he received, the exclusive rights of reproduction of his work and chose engravers such as Pieter Claesz Soutman, Christoffel Jegher, Jacob Matham, Cornelis Galle, Lucas Vorsterman, Nicolaes Lauwers, among others, who under the personal supervision of the teacher developed an extensive work of graphic reproduction of the painting by Rubens.

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