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Rudolfínská krása – nově objevená díla dvorských umělců císaře Rudolfa II

Rudolfine beauty: recently discovered works by painters at the court of Emperor Rudolf II Exhibition: 10 April 2007 - 9 January 2009


From the museum website, 30 December 2008

This exhibition is focused on the origins of the Prague Castle collections. Thanks to the generosity of a foreign admirer of Rudolfine art, four works, most probably made for these spaces, have returned for a year’s stay in the milieu originally connected with a great period of the Castle, when it was the imperial residence of Rudolf II.

For the first time since their discovery three paintings and one sculpture from a private collection are being presented by Prague Castle Gallery in a public exhibition. The hitherto unknown, uncatalogued works with subject matter from classical mythology and the Bible were made by important artists at Rudolf’s court: the German painter, diplomat, and buyer of artworks for the imperial collections Hans von Aachen (Cologne 1551/52 – Prague 1615); the Flemish painter and draughtsman Bartholomeus Spranger (Antwerp 1546 – Prague 1611); and the Netherlandish sculptor Adriaen de Vries (The Hague c.1556 – Prague 1626).