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Russia and the Netherlands: the interaction space

Exhibition: 18 June - 16 September 2013

The bright pages in the history of relationship between the two nations and states of the mid XVIth – the first third of the XIXth centuries in the international exhibition project dedicated to the year of the Netherlands and Russia: trade and diplomatic ties between the two countries, the Arctic navigation of Dutchmen and Russians in XVIth and XVIIth centuries, their mutual influence in cartography, Dutch professionals and businesspeople in the service of Russia, the birth of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the marriage between William of Orange and Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna that coupled two dynasties.
The exhibition includes about 500 objects from 15 Russian state museums, archives and libraries, 13 ones from the Netherlands, and items of three private collections.

The visitors will see maps and atlases, portraits of Dutch and Russian leaders, diplomats, merchants and travelers, models of military and commercial ships, navigation and optical instruments, costume of Dutch fabric belonged to Peter I, diplomatic documents, ambassadorial gifts given by the Dutch government to Russian Tsars, Dutch everyday objects.